by cold snap

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godspeed was recorded by mark marenick and joe ballaro. vocals and mixing done by mario. all songs written and performed by cold snap. cold snap is ben, jack, mario, and al.


released December 10, 2009



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cold snap Connecticut

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Track Name: can you(even hear me scream)
you should be here standing next to me tell me how I'm wasting all my life on this jones beach never seemed so far away fuck these city streets they'll always lie they've seen so many tears hidden throughout these years perfect home picket fence did you even know I was gone keep a stiff upper lip keep your hopes up keep your hopes up keep your heart up here we are throwing rocks at a pile of dirt and everyone is telling me how this is supposed to hurt I don't feel bad I don't feel anything at all this place is a tomb this place makes me sick long island is why long island makes me wanna die leaves change like the smile on your face when you realized that joke wasn't quite so funny as when you were a kid these united states are a graveyard I wish I could dig you up and bring you home
Track Name: trials
I found a penny today but I didn't keep it cause I knew it was gonna be bad luck your face on one side wish I never wrote that song I wish I never met you at all enter my brother a man who I shot point blank in the skull growing like an oak tree these days strong and brilliant years before I was kissing the bottle I gave you everything you ever wanted trials you never gave me shit trials point your finger and torture me point your spear and torture me trapped in a cell that is my skull